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Fresh Brew x Mayhem
Purchased from Todd Went family through Nebraska Breeders Classic.

A very trendy Hamp lamb that is big ribbed, square loined, dead level to the tailhead and has the free moving structure and big bone that is desired in today's industry. We are really looking forward to his lambs in early January of 2016. Special thanks to Kent Langmeier for helping locate this stud buck.

Change Up

Evolution X Casino

A February Dorset wether sire selected from Clair Club Lambs. "ChangeUp" was selected to keep our dorsets moderate and to add mass, bone, and to crack open the center portion of their bodies while maintaining good breed character and staying very fluid on the move.


38 Special (Bulletproof x Droppert) X Taylor 11099(DogxBA)

"79" was kept to add not only some of the best genetics going right now but to also help create sheep with width of body, bone, shag all the while being very expressively muscled down his top and right into his lower leg. 

Special Thanks to Ryan, Jack, and Sam McKinney for the use of 38 Special!


Taylor 12011
Taylor 11015 x Taylor 9006
Keeper Ram Lamb for 2012

At a young age, Stones set himself apart and has continued to exceed expectations. For a Dorset, he possesses traits normally found only in the black ones. When you start at the front, Stones is very smooth through the shoulder blade and and ties in flawlessly to a round ribbed monster top. When studied from the side, you can see that he carries beautiful balance with a deep flank and that all transistions are smooth. Standing on heavy bone, you can still see he has the extension through the neck but yet carries a terminal shape throughout the rest of his body. Combine all this with a superior Dorset design and a firm touch, we are expecting nothing but great things from this young buck. Be sure to check out his lambs next spring!

Owned with Enfield Club Lambs

Boogie Boogie


This early march lamb from BJ Wright was thrown into action at 5 months of age.  Being out of "The Situation" (Pony son) and a Pony daughter, we feel he should take us to the next level with our blackface program.  As you can see in his pictures, Boogie possesses all the "buzz" traits found in the sheep that are siring winners in the showring today.  Couple that with the fact that he hasn't had a chance to fully mature yet, we are extremely excited about the future of this young stud buck and the winners he will produce for you.

Sold to Wilbur Deaton, Oklahoma




Born Again

Born Again
Headrush x White Noise
Born Again is a sheep we were after to add base width, dimension, and mass to our Dorset herd. Coming at you in what would appear to be a rugged package, Born Again possesses a super underline and massive amount of natural thickness while maintaining the correct balance and smooth look while viewed from the side. Lastly, Born Again carries an ultrawide pin set that's unparalleled in the Dorset breed. Watch for his lambs next spring!!

Thank You to Enfield Club Lambs
for allowing us the opportunity to use this exciting new buck.



Taylor 11015

Taylor 11015

Enfield 401 x Taylor 8022(out of Balance son)



Taylor Sire

Hindman 4901
Hoss x Hummer daughter

This RR/NN lamb was selected just prior to Sedalia of 2009
from Mike and Mark Hindman.

Sold to Scott Davis of D&M Show Lambs of Janesville, WI.



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